Piano and Theory lessons

Preparatory and Grade One - Grade Two

30 minute lesson £15.00

1 hour lesson £30.00

Grade Three - Grade Four

30 minute lesson £16.00

60 minute lesson £32.00

Grade Five - Grade Six

30 minute lesson £17.00

60 minute lesson £34.00

Grade Seven - Grade Eight

30 minute lesson £18.00

60 minute lesson £36.00

Theory only lessons

30 minute lessons or 60 minute lessons

Available to students who study other instruments other than the piano, Associated Board Grades

The rates are the same as the rates for piano lessons.


            Lesson Fees and the lesson books provided are paid for at the lesson by cash or cheque; monthly account facilities are available

            Parents are welcome to stay throughout the pupil's lesson to enable and encourage them to play their pieces at home,

following a practice diary that is provided.

           Awards and incentives to practice are used during term time to encourage pupils, 

with a view to making lessons and home piano playing enjoyable.

           Three terms of 12 lessons are planned each year with adjustments for making up lessons missed.

School holidays are accommodated with a minimum of 36 lessons during the year for satisfactory progress.